Sweet Sweet Apps/Shoutout to G.L.O.C.

Here at LAFF H.Q. (a bomb shelter with a disco ball and full D.J. set-up), we have been giddily receiving many applications to the festival. Every time one drops into our happy little spreadsheet, we do a little dance, and of course make a little love. You know: get down. Tonight.

We are all about gratitude and want to give props to some ladies who are spreading the word about our festival to funny ladies in other cities. Today, we’d like to thank Glennis McMurray, editrix of the fantastic women-in-comedy blog GORGEOUS LADIES OF COMEDY.

To rip-off wholesale their mission statement on their site: G.L.O.C.’s mission is to feature the glorious, glamorous, strange and wonderful endeavors of the lady folk in comedy across the globe. By providing a network of support and praise as well as healthy competition we hope to help to encourage ourselves and future generations to be honest, original and unafraid to use our voices to make people think and laugh.

We can’t say that any better ourselves.


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