Six days to submit!

Thanks to the miracle of menstruation, we’re accustomed to looking at calendars here at LAFF HQ. February 15th, the magical day in which we unleash our pet dragon to blow fire upon the LAFF submissions mailbox, is only six days away. So if you’re a Last-Minute Nelson, be aware that you have only 8,640 minutes left to send off your submission to our headquarters.

As it is expensive to feed, clothe, and educate a dragon, the fee to submit your act to LAFF is $15.

Although the recent cold snap has turned us Austinites into a pack of badly-dressed crybabies and sissypants drivers, the truth of the matter is no city in the continental US of A is more warm and welcoming than Austin. This May, expect a forecast of sweaty post-show hugs, generous new friends, and understanding audiences who don’t talk trash if you mess up a little. Which you won’t, because you’re a star.

The link to the online submission page is on your left!


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