Apply for Out of Bounds!

As we said earlier, we LOVE and DEEPLY UNDERSTAND calendars here at LAFF H.Q. We’ve been cosseted away in our underground bunker for two weeks now, putting the finishing touches on our 2011 LAFF lineup. It’s not as easy to do as, say, folding pants, but we find a way to rise to the occasion every year, with the help of a little miracle called Pad Thai.

Mark your calendar: Bathwater air has returned to Austin! For those of you who live in more northern climes, for most of the year, Austin’s heat and humidity blend to turn the air into something akin to a warm bath: moist, and above all, warm! It’s after dark now, and something like 80 degrees, in March! Do not fret! Do not dial 1-800-AL-GORE! The bathwater air is a major contributor to what we locals call “an Austin thing,” and may we say, it is a tad sultry, like making love atop a mountain of freshly-baked bread. Add the sound of cicadas and you might as well be in a Tennessee Williams play.

This air has reminded us of the funniest time of year in Austin: Labor Day Weekend! It’s also the dampest: LATE AUGUST/EARLY SEPTEMBER, when even the most sane among us give up on deodorant and allow themselves turn into a damp rag. But we love it because that’s the weekend of OUT OF BOUNDS, Austin’s largest annual comedy festival, celebrating it’s TENTH YEAR in 2011!

We encourage you to apply for this festival, because it can offer you things that LAFF cannot: lots of boys, for one. Free t-shirts (sorry). GREG PROOPS (omg, we are loopy fan girls for Greg)!!!! And of course, America’s most unique mini-golf course and tournament!

If you value fun and care about treating yourself well, APPLY TO OUT OF BOUNDS NOW!

The deadline to apply is April 17, kind of like your taxes.

Also, if you’re in Boston for the Women in Comedy Festival this weekend, say hello to LAFF’s very own Kerri Lendo!


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