LAFF Interview #2: Stacey Smith

For our second invasive game of Three Questions, we have Stacey Smith, a multitalented comedic juggernaut now based in Chicago. During the LAFF submission screening party we had back in February, LAFF Staffer and Chief Interviewer Mo found herself pointing at the TV yelling, “I know her from Chicago!” (This had no bearing on Stacey’s acceptance–her submission totally rocked) Now you can know her from LAFF, too:

LAFF: We had a sketch-writing class at Second City together two years ago! What have you been up to since then?

Oh goodness! Way too much. That was before I had even moved here! For the next few months, I finished up my last semester at college and graduated that May. I saved up my pennies (you should have seen the bags full!) and moved to Chicago in the fall of 2009. Since then, I have graduated the Improv for Actors Program at Second City and got accepted into the Music Improv Conservatory at Second City (currently in Level 4). I have graduated 5B at iO (improv olympic) and recently got placed on a Harold team.I currently perform with two independent improv teams, “Jericho Turnpike” (a two person improv group with a fellow Long Islander) and a music improv team. I had the opportunity of performing in Chicago’s Sketch Festival (2010-2011) and TBSJust for Laughs Festival with a multi-cultural comedy troupe Urban Indigenous. Wrote and am currently touring my one-woman show “Confessions of a Chubby Tomboy” which debuted at the Clare Rose Playhouse on Long Island in July. Since then, have performed it at the PIT Theater (NYC), Second Stage (Chicago), Gorilla Tango Theater (Chicago), the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (Chapel Hill, NC) and the Out of the Loop Fringe Festival in March (Dallas, TX). I also have been a repeat offender of performing with the Pub Theater Company (“Day Games and Heartbreaks” and “West (and North) Side Story”). I also train at Comedy Sportz and the Annoyance. ::Sigh:: I’ve also sang an obscene amount of karaoke in between.
LAFF: I’ve seen your pictures, and maybe you’re a tomboy, but you’re definitely not chubby. Why is that the name of your show? 
Oh, but I was chubby. You’ve known me in my glory days, Monique. I’ve lost close to 50 lbs. Never fat, always “big boned” – or that’s what I still tell myself. The title of my show is what I’ve classified myself as my whole life. A lot of personality and a lot of meat.

LAFF: What advice do you have for other female solo performers such as yourself?

Just do it! Nike reference? Woops. I know for me, I have been type cast my entire life and I’ve never really been able to explore my range to it’s full potential. This solo show was an opportunity for me to put it all on the table. My story, my characters, all of me. It’s not always easy being a female performer, especially in comedy. We’re put into roles just like we are in everyday life. This show is me giving a big middle finger to the man. Energy and estrogen, the world could use more of it. Market the crap out of yourself. Us ladies deserve it.

Come see Stacey Smith’s one-woman show “Confessions of a Chubby Tomboy” at 10:00pm on Friday, May 6 at the Salvage Vanguard Theater!


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