LAFF Interview #3: Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting

What can I say about Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting that hasn’t already been said before? That they’re funny? (duh!) That they’re weird and delightful and positively brain-puree-ing? This is their fourth appearance at LAFF, and we love them the way we’d love Judy Blume if Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret had more anal sex and vomiting. 

I have no idea if Katie or Leah or both answered these questions, but it doesn’t fucking matter, so here we go:

LAFF: You have consistently fucked up LAFF audiences three times before, and now you’re coming back to fuck us all up some more. What should audience members tell their health care professionals prior to viewing this year’s Skinny Bitch show?

Everyone in Texas should start a strict diet of Oxycontin and broccoli.  By the time we take the stage Saturday night they will already be balls deep in the mental (and a bit gassy) world we live in.  I wouldn’t ever say we “fucked up” Austin.  That’s vulgar.  And anyone who’s seen our show or videos knows that we never say any shitty twat profanities.  Ever.  So we didn’t “fuck up” Austin.  We made sweet molasses love together: slow, sticky and stuck in a jar.  And come May 7th at 11 o’clock PM we’re going to do it again. If that means you need to call your doctor, well then, by golly, call that goddamn doctor and tell him we’re making goddamn syrup babies for everyone to love on.

2) Do you two ever fight? If so, what about?

We fight all the time.  We can’t stop fighting.  About boys.  About food.  About which puppies to buy off Craigslist.  About how much to sell puppies for on the street.  We fight mostly about how to answer interview questions.  One of us just got knifed in the eye!  Guess who!?

3) Say something nice about Austin so we’ll invite you back next year.

Austin has the best hookers we’ve ever sampled.

Sample the sweet molasses love of Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting at 11pm on Saturday, May 7. These bitches are shutting this mess down, yo. Party to follow!

ALSO: Skinny Bitch has an encore show at The Hideout Theatre Sunday, May 8 at 7:00pm.


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