LAFF Interview #7: Selena Coppock

Among our most distinguished repeat-offenders stands Selena Coppock, stand-up par excellence hailing from New York City by way of Boston, her hometown, which means she pronounces Star Market correctly, without those bothersome rhotic R sounds. She is also the woman Prince William should have married. (Maybe next time, Prince?) We adore Selena, and can’t wait fill her with guacamole and margaritas next week!

LAFF: You’re, like, our LAFF rock. Our mascot. We talk about you all the time and I put your pretty face all over the LAFF website. Now I’m gonna ask you: do we make you uncomfortable?

HAHAH!! I’m dying– do we make you uncomfortable. Not at all! I’ll take whatever attention I can get, stalker-like though it may be! I absolutely love LAFF and I’m so fired up to come back for a FOURTH year this year! I can’t believe that it was back in April of 2008 when I booked a flight to Austin with NO idea what to expect. I walked from my hotel over to the Hideout and the rest is history! It’s so amazing how much the festival has grown with each year, and how much press it has gotten! Comedians in NYC are always asking me about LAFF and I’m shameless in how much I encourage funny ladies to submit. I especially have a soft spot for you, Mo, because I think you really helped me get a foot in the door that first year. If you hadn’t been such a connoisseur of Boston accents and Masshole pop culture references, who knows if I ever would have been accepted back in 2008. So big ups to you personally, Mo.

LAFF: How’s the stand-up career going?

Stand-up career is plugging along much like a crazy train immortalized by Ozzy Osbourne in that phenomenal ditty. I run a weekly show in the East Village of NYC (every Wednesday at 7pm at Luca Lounge on Avenue B) where we showcase phenomenal standup, storytelling, music, characters, and lots more. Super rad Austin gal Kerri Lendo has done the show before. I recently won a Moth Story Slam which was a phenomenal night. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, auditioning, and performing. Probably my proudest moment in (about) the past year was my show-stopping performance in a web commercial for a product that is effectively a girdle for your arms.

LAFF: Anything you’re excited to see or do when you’re in Austin again, besides being lavished with adoration by the LAFF gang?

Presently, I am so pasty white that I almost look translucent, so I’m excited to spend some daylight hours frying my flesh (to a beautiful red hue) at Barton Springs.  I’m going to eat dope Mexican food 3 meals/day and chug some Lone Star.  Hooray! As far as watching, there’s SO much great comedy to see!  I’m fired up to see my NYC friend Jen Kwok break out the ‘Uke skills on Saturday night, followed by the lovelies of Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting.  I can’t wait to run into ole buddies Maggie Maye, Kerri Lendo, Aparna Nancherla, Jenny Z, Holly Lorka, and so many more.  Plus, I’ve got Friday 8:00pm locked down to see the always amazing ladies of GGG!

Selena Coppock performs Thursday at 8pm and will host our final set at 11pm on Saturday.


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