LAFF Interview #8: Jobber Ratgirl of The Ratgirls

The Ratgirls are unusual, delightful, and sort-of Dada, if you think about it. Whereas in Paris a century ago,  a guy wrote stuff on a urinal and called it art, here in Austin we have two women dressed as rats spitting chewed-up hot dogs on the stage. If any LAFF act revolts against bourgeois intellectualism, collective conformity, and provincial notions of femininity,  it’s The Ratgirls. They also communicate using nonstandard orthography and have their own regional dialect, which may or may not be rodent in origin.

LAFF: What is it like to be a Ratgirl? Is it like being a rat and a girl equally, or is it more rat or more girl?

Tu be uh Ratgurl, yu mus be a artist. Artists ar crafty. Rats ar crafty so rat is vewi importent. Tu be uh Ratgirl, yu mus be uh creator. Onli gurls ar creators so yurl is vewi importent.

LAFF: What can audiences expect from your LAFF show? Last time I saw your show, there was a lot of spilled soda.

Dey kin esspect lots ov spilt Fanta. And cussink.

LAFF: If you could give a ticket to your LAFF show to anyone, living or dead, in the whole world, who would it be?

Dis is hard so wi has a list en ordur ov importence: Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Joey Ramone, Dante Alighieri, La Goulue and Flava Flav.

See The Ratgirls perform Thursday night at 10pm.


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