Testoterone Before Estrogen

So tonight is like Holibirthday Eve for all of at LAFF Central as tonight is the night before the big shebang, the whole shootin’ match, the big time partytimefestival beginninz!

While normally I, your intrepid Girl Producer, would be at home sipping on box wine and eating french fries in a dark room constantly refreshing my EventBrite page (and believe me I’VE DONE THAT), my very brilliant husband intervened and got us tickets to go and see DONALD GLOVER!

Whom I love.

Because he is adorable and funny and adorable.  Did I say he was adorable?


Here is a video of him nearly NAKED with veteren LAFFer Sara Benincasa!

I only hope I can control my producer-esque instincts and hold myself back from stalking him after the show and throwing myself upon him in a Jack and Coke induced fit of COME AND SEE OUR SHOWS!!!!!!

I’m sure his other gigs tomorrow through Saturday wouldn’t mind if he stayed here, right?


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