Ladies Makin’ Noise

Here’s all the ladynews that’s fit to be ladynews.  Add more in comments!!!!

Bridesmaids came out. Oh yeah, she did!  Reviews here, commentary here, and here.

Rosanne let loose with some interesting points on women, comedy, television and the Hollywood machine. Not surprising, any of it, and frankly makes me wonder how things can get better.

This situation in Saudi Arabia isn’t funny at all, but it bears bringing up. The women in that country are about to unleash some serious social justice/civil rights action by DRIVING, all together, on June 17th. There was a Facebook page for support, but it was, guess what, taken DOWN!

Locally, the Bedpost Ladies are taking not only the stage at Spiderhouse Ballroom on June 9th, but they are traveling to Dallas on July 21st for a gig at the Kessler Theater!

Slutwalk takes Austin!  It’s happening here (and all over the country and Canada, where it began).  It’s certainly got it’s celebrants and it’s detractors.…what do you think about the whole shebang? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Finally I do love me some ladymusic. Beyonce gets little argument from me, because I see pop music for pop music. It can have a “soft” effect on changing social structures, but I am cynical and believe it’s main purpose is, well, to make money.   So it was with great pleasure that I saw this rebuttal to Run The World (Girls). Folks, comedy may be funny, but the message behind what we here at LAFF Central are sending out, is serious business.


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