A Convergence Of Laffter

Hi all,

It’s Julie, your intrepid Girl Producer.  Things have been busy today with many a LAFF moment or issue or thought process coming to the fore.  School has started, Summer Vacation is over and it’s time to start planning!

Here are a few of the intersecting and possibly coincidental Laffstuffs that have occurred in the last 24 hours.

1) New Business Cards by awesome LAFFer, Courtney Hopkin!

2) I chatted with Katie Hartman of Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting on ye old FB (they are heading down here for Out Of Bounds)!

3) A meeting with the fabulous Kerri Lendo during which we drank hibiscus tea and created the whole motha-flippin’ timeline for the next season and….

I did it all while wearing my awesome Skinny Bitch Jesus T-shirt.

I’m excited about where all this might lead!



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