Best Of Austin Critics Pick!

This was what LAFF was lucky enough to wake up to this morning! A Best Of Austin Critics Pick Award for LAFF!

“Five years strong and staffed by a collective of the wittiest women in ATX, Ladies Are Funny Festival has proven true to its name. Packed with a diverse local and national lineup of improv, sketch, and stand-up performers, it’s turned out programming that showcases the very best of the best. LAFF has rightfully earned the accolades of Austin’s comedy community, and we can’t wait to see what hilarity it comes up with next.”

We are so proud of what we’ve created and want to give thanks to all the staff and volunteers from years past! And many thanks to the critics at The Austin Chronicle for their support!

Kick ass, ladies, kick ass.


2 responses to “Best Of Austin Critics Pick!

  1. Just found you, thanks to the Chronicle… HOW did I not already know about you lovelies?? So glad to find more like-minded ladies in the grand ole ATX. As an Austin writer and humorist, this is SO MY SPEED. Can’t wait to catch you next year. How can I get involved?

  2. LOL…congrats at that!

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