Always A Bridesmaid

courtesy janniery

It’s March 2nd here in the ATX, Texas Independence Day and I want to get married all over again so I can have my bridesmaids wear the hell out of that dress and hat. That’s a fucking cool pink hat.  And then after the wedding we’d all get paint and splash each other with blue paint in some metaphorical attempt to blend male and female into a beautiful purple rain of love, sex, and comedy.

That’s a bit heteronormative I know, but I still think we could find a metaphor for blue and pink and hats and purple and paint.  Like mixing the gender binary/trinary/quadranary into some kind of kickass mural of color and kisses.

We’ve been fixin’ to announce the 2012 Festival Slate, but are still waiting on a few folks to accept. We will tell you soon what it all is.

In the meantime, your intrepid producer is going to feed her family a carb laden pasta dinner and introduce her children to the wonder that is Bridesmaids. They already know that ladies are funny and in fact when I first brought up the festival to them, the oldest one said…well, duh mom, you’re a lady and you’re funny.

No indoctrination needed, but still no time like the present to show off THESE FUNNY LADIES (The awesome Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo) great work. I expect they’ll love it. Cause, well, it’s funny!





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