LAFF Interviews….There’s Waldo!

LAFF sat down with There’s Waldo (if by sitting one means, emailing fancy questions through those new fangled email machines) and got the scoop! These sassy folks perform Saturday May 7th at 7 pm at Salvage Vanguard Theater!  Tickets here!
LAFF: You all do so many types of work (film and live) which is your absolute favorite?
TW: I couldn’t choose, honestly. Live shows are so fun, and we feed off the crowd’s energy. In live shows, you also get instantaneous feedback — you know immediately if something’s working and you can tweak it if it’s not. With shooting sketches we don’t have that immediate input, so we’re mostly trying to make each other laugh (of course, those of us not on camera are working really hard not to ruin the take by actually laughing). The nice thing about shooting a sketch is that it can potentially reach more people. Even if we sell out a show, we can only get as many people as the theater can hold, whereas if our sketch is on Funny or Die, there’s more eyes on our work. So they both have benefits.
LAFF: Tell us about your name? How’d ya get it?
TW: I might be misremembering this (so G, correct if I’m wrong!), but I think it was one suggestion in a long list of potential group names. We were coming up with puns based on material we either had or were writing at the time. One of the guys in the group (Adam Gutierrez, who moved to Chicago last summer) had just pitched a sketch that week about Waldo of Where’s Waldo going to therapy because he had anger issues, either because people couldn’t ever see him or because they always did (I really can’t remember which). That sketch was never written, but There’s Waldo was the name most of us responded to. I think it was between that and Sadie Hawkins or something.
LAFF: What acts are you most looking forward to for LAFF this year and why?
TW: I’m psyched to see Sue Galloway; I really love her weirdo character on 30 Rock. I’m looking forward to Adventure Squad, because seeing them is rare and both Valerie and Kaci are so infectious onstage.
LAFF: If I was going to look around Austin and say “There’s Waldo!” Where would Waldo be?
4- We lurk in dark shadows everywhere. (Really, we’re probably writing our next show in someone’s kitchen or the fishbowl room at the Institution Theater.)
Check out their videos here!

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