Reunited And It Feels So Good

Mo here. I’ve been away. Away from my city, my community of improvisers, theater geeks, and writers, and away from my Bestie Jules, who you might know as Julie Gillis: Girl Producer. Right now, we are sitting across from each other at her kitchen table, empty Thai food containers strewn like flotsam, or perhaps jetsam (was never clear on the distinction between the two). She is drinking red wine, and I am eating nuts from a white bowl, surreptitiously singing “Deez Nuts” to the tune of that shitty 60’s song, “These Eyes” by The Guess Who. Deez nu-huts! Deez nu-huts!

Just another night with my Jules, putting nuts in my mouth.

Jules is one hardworking bitch, but let me tell her how good her skin looks: RADIANT. Like an old-school incandescent bulb, she GLOWS. Maybe its the grease from her pad see ew with shrimp (shrimp is $1.50 extra and Jules is SO WORTH IT), but I think it’s that she knows that next week’s sixth annual LADIES ARE FUNNY FESTIVAL is going to be off the tampon string in terms of comedy, joie de vivre, and general awesomeosity.

I left Austin nine months ago to be a grad student in creative writing at the University of Michigan (where I won a Hopwood Award, just like my poet-hero Frank O’Hara!). During that time, I was picked to TA a course called “Funnygrrlz: Women and Humor” taught by V.V. Ganeshananthan, author of the deliberately unfunny novel Love Marriage. In this class, we read Bossypants, watched 30 Rock and Bridesmaids, talked about what is funny and why, and why women are funny (because they are). Any trepidation I had about leaving the safe, funny nest of Austin for Ann Arbor (a town named after a woman named Ann and some trees!) quickly disappeared, because OMG YOU CAN STUDY FUNNY IN THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FOR CREDIT. Go Blue!

Julie just told me that tomorrow, UT is giving her an award for working there for ten years. For some reason, that merited us busting out in song with “I Will Always Love You” (I think the Whitney version–RIP).

Anyway, it’s good to be back in Austin. I missed Jules like whoa and am happy to be sitting at her table flanked by an empty bottle of Merlot and a half-full bottle of Sriracha. I look forward to the magic that is the LAFF festival next week. You will be impressed.

Yours Truly In LadyComedy,

Mo Daviau


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