Sue Galloway: The LAFF Interview

I can confirm that the work of Sue Galloway has been studied in the English department of a major American research university. I can also confirm, via the below interview, that LAFF is indeed fortunate to have Sue Galloway at this year’s festival. She is one half of Pam & Sue, who Jezebel declared “your new favorite comedy duo” on March 22 of this year. She will entertain you 100% this Wednesday night at the Salvage Vanguard Theater.



1) This past semester, I was a TA for a class on Women and Humor at the University of Michigan. In class, we watched the 30 Rock episode “TGS Hates Women,” which you appear in (I totally remember you sitting at the writers’ table). If you, at that moment, could have leaped off the screen into the classroom, what would you have said to the class of fifty or so humor-loving UM undergrads? (Postscript: everyone in the class, to a person, claimed to be “a Big Tina Fey fan.”)

Very few people know this, but I do actually have the ability to leap through a television screen.  It’s something I accrued through many years of watching Star Trek: TNG and mentally reverse-engineering the holodeck.  The science of it is all very boring; suffice it to say, I COULD have jumped through that screen, and instead of asking me what I would have said, perhaps you should be asking yourselves why I didn’t jump to you.  And before you do so, let me answer that question:  Because I am afraid of classes.

However, I do hope that your class enjoys the show, and that you can have great discussions about women in comedy and that we as a society will never again have to argue about the idea that women are funny.  Obviously, we are not.  Look at this answer.  Terrible.  And, since I am the only woman I know, there you have it.  None of the women I know are funny.

2) On your website, you have a large picture of a silo and a lovely passage about your online videos being like corn kernels spurting out of a silo. What is your experience with silos? If you could have a conversation with a silo, what would you say?

Previous to last week, I would have had almost nothing to say about silos, since it was just a picture from tumblr that I happened to use and then comment about, but a recent discovery has been made.  Abandoned silos in the midwest have become accidental single tree nurseries.  In a area with so much wind that trees are somewhat rare, somehow, silos without roofs have trapped tree seeds and allowed tender saplings to grow with light while being partially protected from the elements. 

I think it is similar to the way comedians can grow with a comedy community.  At Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where I usually perform in New York City, at first you take classes, then you perform as much as you can, but you have developed so many friends and colleagues who help you along your way and shield you from the elements.  Eventually, you will be strong enough to stand without as much protection and encourage others.  By that point, I hope it’s a forest and we all get to create the things we dream about.

3) Your video series “Office Mates” features you creating comedy by breaking unspoken social rules. With concealed carry laws in Texas being what they are, would you be afraid to, say, cough into someone’s lunch while in Austin?

I don’t like to ruin anyone’s day, and I don’t want to mess with Texas.  Your lunches are safe with me!  Unless, of course there are tacos.  I cannot be trusted not to eat a taco in front of me, staring at me with it’s taco eyes.  Holodeck, create a taco!


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