Five Weird Questions for Leah Dubie

Kerri Lendo: You are given a coupon to rule any country for free.  Which one would you choose?

Leah Dubie: How much time do I have before the coupon expires?  Is it a groupon?  Do I need a team of people to agree to take over France with me?  I have seen friends of mine have full on melt downs because our large group at brunch didn’t contribute enough money to cover the tip.  I worry if I have to coordinate with anyone.  I may never get my country to rule.  If it’s just me…I’ll take over Vatican City which wikipedia and my catholic upbringing tells me is for realz, a country.  Pope John Peter Paul John in 2033 is in for some shit because I plan on turning Vatican City into a gay tourist destination for people who want to have abortions in peace.  Amen.

KL: Your new clothing line is going on sale soon.  What is it called?

LD: It’s called “SNIFF SNIFF, IS THAT CLEAN?”  My clothes have that worn, picked up off the floor but you can probably get one more wear out of them…look.  It’s casual, it’s hip, it’s not necessary to own your own washer-dryer.

KL: You have to make out with a cast member of 90210 or the world will end? Which one will it be?

LD: I’m going to assume you mean original cast.  Although you said “or the world would end” which makes me feel like you mean revival cast.  But as far as OG 90210 goes…I’ll take Vanessa Marcil who played “Gina,” Donna Martin’s sometimes cousin and eventual sister who came to town after her ice skating dreams went bust.  I was a big fan of hers during my junior high, General Hospital watching days.  If she wants to invite Antonio Sabato Jr. along that would be just fine.


KL: You’ve just played Madison Square Garden.  What do you spend your huge paycheck on?

LD: I’d probably reinvest most of that money into telling people that I just played Madison Square Garden.  I’m willing to spend it all in order to be the most celebrated person to walk into my dry cleaners.  YES I’ll sign ANOTHER picture for you to hang above your cancer ride poster.  YES I need you to get that bbq stain out of that same pair of pants as last time.

KL: Would you rather go camping with Aerosmith or sailing with Van Halen?

LD: That’s an excellent question.  Is it possible to hang out with Aerosmith AND Van Halen but neither camp nor sail?  Maybe we could go for a nice walk around a mall together.  Are people still “mall walking?”  I’m a big fan of the indoor bathroom and am not the strongest swimmer.

You can learn even more about Leah Saturday at 9pm at Salvage Vanguard Theater, part of the LAFF stand up showcases.  


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