Kerri Lendo: The LAFF Interview

Hey look! It’s Kerri Lendo, being all smiley and approachable! She’s wearing a Ramones t-shirt, which means she’s cool.



Hey, LAFF Associate Producer and Stand-Up Comedian of National Renown Kerri Lendo! Is it cool if I ask you three questions? I mean, I know you’re busy being a comedian and making this festival happen, but, I mean, if you have time, I’d really appreciate it…Oh, okay. Thanks, Kerri!


You’ve really been taking your act on the road lately, hitting up four festivals in five weeks and other supercomedian feats of strength and endurance. Tell me about your recent adventures.

First I went to Portland for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival.  Everyone describes it as summer camp for comedians and that’s kind of true.  I never went to summer camp but I am sure I would have had a similar
amount of social anxiety I just wouldn’t have known it was called that. Next was Moontower Comedy Festival. That was interesting because I wasn’t just performing I was working making videos (plug – I got to interview JB Smoove, which I think
really impressed my parents.  He was awesome and took my glasses and did an impression of me.
After that it was off to Baltimore for the Maryland Film Festival. That festival is amazing.  They figured out how to make it the right size so you can make friends and network without even trying.  Plus,
the hotel had a ten dollar mini bar credit. Eating out of a mini bar really makes you feel like you’ve made it.
Now it’s time for LAFF.  It seems like we’ve been working on LAFF forever.  It will be nice when it finally gets here and I get to see all the acts and meet a bunch of new funny friends.


Sue Galloway has some wise things to say about silos. Is there any farm equipment that you feel can teach us about comedy?

I think the animals on a farm are probably where the real comedy gold is.  Goats have a lot of underutilized comedy potential.

What is next for you after LAFF?

The day after LAFF I’ll be selling vintage clothes at Spiderhouse. Then I’ll probably sleep and catch up with The Voice Australia (just kidding, I’m already caught up).


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  1. This girl rocks it!

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