Blame On The Rain

But we had two kick ass shows last night!

First set? Stand-ups from all over like – Michelle Biloon, Eliana Horeczo, Kerri Lendo, Nicole Lucas, Caroline Bassett, Kat Ramzinski, Linda Stogner and they were all fantastic! The rainpocalypse started about 8:20 and rained HARD until about….10:30 pm or so.

It looked a little like this.

Except not Tuscaloosa, obvy.

At 10 pm the ladies of Galactic, Band Wreckers and Adventure Squad took the stage, perhaps a bit dewy, but none too worse for the wear. The audience from the earlier show and the audience for the 10 all gathered in the lobby to watch the lightening and heavy downpour. We all drank a little.

The rain calmed down and the shows ended in giddy glee and folks went off for the LAFFter party.  This was running through my head all night so I thought I’d share it with you.


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