Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting: The LAFF Interview

Is there anything funnier in this life than a wine-soaked vagina? Comedic use of the ukulele? Inappropriate touch? Invoking the savior of the world’s largest religion in a vanity/weight loss context? No, there isn’t. Katie Hartman and Leah Rudick are truly the Grande Dames of LAFF Recidivism (since that Bostonian biznatch Selena Coppock decided to stay home this year), having performed in every LAFF show since the festival’s inception in 1863, when General Rosecrans visited a whorehouse after the Battle of Chickamauga and left before receiving services because the ladies there weren’t sufficiently funny (it was believed among the working girls of northern Georgia that pouring wine on one’s vagina decreased the symptoms of syphilis, which SBJM put to great comedic effect 148 years later).
Holy Crap! You’re coming back! What the hell has happened with you two since last year at this time?

Katie Hartman: AHHHHH!!!!!  How did this happen???  We went into a time warp in 2008 and came out in 2012 back in Austin: 5 years older, 27% funnier and 78% poorer.  COMEDY!

Right after LAFF last year we were accepted to the Envision Retreat by Voice and Vision (a predominant NY women’s theater company)  and spent ten days at Bard College furiously writing, drinking cheap wine, and abusing our lovely intern (they gave us an INTERN).  We ended up writing a hugely ambitious and hilarious show called “The Underdeveloped and Overexposed Life and Death of Deena Domino.”  That is an even longer and ridiculous name than “Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting.”

Leah Rudick: The title of the show is some of our best work in title making.  We’re more proud of that than of anything we’ve ever done.

KH: We’ve been workshopping it at The Peoples Improv Theater since November; performing and rewriting and after LAFF ‘12 we are taking it to the Capital Fringe in Washington DC in July and the New York Fringe in August!

The show is based on Toddlers & Tiaras and then blasts into more absurd reality TV shit.  As we were writing no matter how crazy terrible the reality TV premises we thought up we found that there was almost something exactly like it already in existence.

LR: So it’s more like a docu-drama than a comedy.  We’re like psychic documentary comedy makers, showcasing the terrifying world of reality television before even realizing how actually terrifying it is.  It’s fun!  Bring your kids!

KH: Do not bring your children.

Now that you’re gaining more recognition for being the funny and skinny bitches you are, how are you handling your fame and renown? Is it hard?

KH: The paparazzi can be hard to deal with late at night outside shows or clubs, but mostly the public are respectful of our private lives.  People usually pretend not to know who we are when we wear sunglasses.  Then I’m sure they tweet they just saw us in line at Chipotle.

LR: I for one have been recognized in many Chipotles.  In fact, Chipotle is the only place I get recognized.  I actually live in Chipotle, inside a burrito.  So the tweets are less like “OMG I just saw that famous girl at Chipotle” and more like “THERE’S A WOMAN INSIDE MY BURRITO!!”

Have you seen that show Girls, on HBO? You know that scene where Lena Dunham and her skinny bitch friend are in the bathtub together? Or that other scene where two of the girls are having a fight while one of them is on the toilet? Do you two do that? Do young, educated women really do that in real life? I’m confused. Please help me.

LR: I don’t think I’ve ever had a fight on a toilet except for between me and my butt.  Is that who she gets in a fight with on the show?  Her friend who is also her butt?  Because I could TOTALLY relate to that.  And I consider myself to be a young and educated woman.  So maybe I should watch the show.
KH: haven’t seen the show yet.  so I’m sure the lady police are going to come any moment and strip me of my labia.


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