Our final day and night is jam packed with comedy goodness. From workshops to panels to laughs all night long come on down! Tickets here!
Saturday, May 12   1:00
Naked Comedy Workshop (through the Hideout Theatre)
Saturday, May 12   4:30 pm – The Hideout Theatre Downtown

Pro- LAFF panel featuring a Q&A with Rachel Flanagan from Rachel Flanagan casting, Margie Coyle from   Cap City, Beth Kligerman Director of Talent and Talent Development at Second City, Katie Richter of the Cast Station, and Laura Maxwell-Scott of Collier Talent Agency
Saturday May 12 at 7 PM – Salvage Vanguard Theater
– Sarah 7
– Turning Tricks with the Darlings
– There’s Waldo

courtesy lacasting
Saturday, May 12 at 9:00 PM – Salvage Vanguard Theater
– Kath Barbadoro
– Leah Dubie
– Emily Epstein
– Ralphie Hardesty
– Sarah Kennedy
– Katie Pengra
– Lisa Marie Quillinan

Saturday, May 12 Time 10 pm – The Hideout Theatre Downtown
– All Lady Maestro (Tickets here)

Saturday, May 12 at 11:00 – Salvage Vanguard Theater
– Reformed Whores
– Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting


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