– Mary Jo Pehl
– The Right Honourable Nelson Kincade
– Mani Pedi
Friday, May, 11 10:00 PM – Salvage Vanguard Theater
– It’s Just Reilly
– Butt Kapinski
Friday, May 11 11:30 PM – Salvage Vanguard Theater
– DA Foundry
– The Bennets
– Girls Girls Girls Musical Improv
– After party at the theater with free food and drink

Blame On The Rain

But we had two kick ass shows last night!

First set? Stand-ups from all over like – Michelle Biloon, Eliana Horeczo, Kerri Lendo, Nicole Lucas, Caroline Bassett, Kat Ramzinski, Linda Stogner and they were all fantastic! The rainpocalypse started about 8:20 and rained HARD until about….10:30 pm or so.

It looked a little like this.

Except not Tuscaloosa, obvy.

At 10 pm the ladies of Galactic, Band Wreckers and Adventure Squad took the stage, perhaps a bit dewy, but none too worse for the wear. The audience from the earlier show and the audience for the 10 all gathered in the lobby to watch the lightening and heavy downpour. We all drank a little.

The rain calmed down and the shows ended in giddy glee and folks went off for the LAFFter party.  This was running through my head all night so I thought I’d share it with you.

Day Two

Come on down to Salvage Vanguard Theater to see amazing standups at 8 pm and audacious improv at 10 pm!

Tickets here!

LAFF Interviews…Michelle Biloon

Katie Pengra grabbed this amazeballs interview with Michelle Biloon! Come and see her perform TONIGHT! Tickets are here!
The lovely Michelle Biloon will be performing tonight at Salvage Vanguard Theater. She’s a lovely lady, she’s got a bun in the oven, and she knows what Maria Bamford’s stove looks like. But before you just jump right into bed with her, let’s get to know each other first, shall we?

KP: Have you ever gotten into a fist fight?

MB: No, sadly, I have not. I have imagined such a thing in great detail but it has never coalesced. Even so, I am ever at the ready to throw down whenever the situation presents itself.  Maybe here at the Ladies are Funny Festival!  Oh, that would be serendipitous.  However, I am five-and-a-half months pregnant so I imagine that the person who doesn’t mind pummeling a lady that pregnant is probably somebody with whom nobody should ever want to mess. I might have to just stay out of trouble for the time being.  But once this baby is out of me, I’m back jerkface ne’er-do-wells!  You best get your goddamned dukes up.

KP: So. Los Angeles. Has it been worth it? Did you have any set up prospect when you went, or did you just pick up one day and Thelma and Louise your way out there?

MB: Los Angeles!  You are worth it!  You are beautiful!  You mean something!  (I’m validating Los Angeles)  Really, I have been very happy in Los Angeles for the 8 years I have held permanent residence here.  I probably could have been more productive but alas most people  can say that so I will not dwell.  And funny you should mention it, I did kind of Thelma and Louise it to LA.  I hadn’t planned on moving rather I was going to live out of my cousin’s house in Minneapolis and go on the road.  However, the person who was to book me on the road pulled out at the last minute after I had already quit my job and moved out of my place.  A bunch of my friends had been campaigning to get me to move anyhow, Austinite Chris Fairbanks being one of them, so I decided why the hell not and changed my plans westward. Fortuitously, Maria Bamford had found out that I was going out there and asked me if I would housesit for her while she was in Australia.  I ended up living with her for almost five months until  I found my own place.  It kinda just came together and really worked out for the best.  She was a great roommate by the way.  Insider Maria fact: SHE STORED BOOKS IN HER OVEN.

KP: What’s the best celebrity encounter you’ve ever had?

MB: I have had a lot of celebrity encounters over the years.  So many, I forget a lot of them.  This may not be the best all time but is the most recent.  A month or so ago, my husband, father-in-law and I went to dinner at this small fancy pizza place in Brentwood called Milo & Olive.  And shortly after we got there, Conan O’Brien and his wife walked in, put there name on the list and then Conan stood right next to me waiting for his table.  This place actually has three community tables and Conan and his wife ended up sitting at our table along with another couple of girls already seated there.  He was seriously the most genuinely friendly person celebrity or otherwise and had legitimate conversations with the girls next to him.  I however was hiding because I felt like I didn’t want to meet him in that situation rather than meeting him when I do standup for his show hopefully at some point. My father-in-law was not so shy and introduced himself as he happens to be friends with Conan’s parents who are doctors in Boston as is my father-in-law.  Thankfully, he did not introduce me as his comedian daughter-in-law as that would have been an epic level of embarrassment.  Also to note, he paid for the meal of the people sitting next to him. Super duper class act.

KP: What’s the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you regarding your comedy? What was your response?

MB: A lot of mean things have been said to me over the years and when I think about them, it still feels bad. People are jerks!  One funny back and forth I remember is from when I was in Minneapolis working at Acme probably seven years ago.This guy in the audience very matter of factly says, “You’re not funny.”  And he said it in this quiet part so everybody heard.  It made me instantly angry. Let me note here that this gentleman was wearing an Adidas t-shirt.  I snapped back something like, “What?  Does Adidas sponsor your team of assholes?”  Huzzah!

KP: The Funniest Person In Austin Contest is going on right now, did you compete in it? What’s the best thing to say to someone when they don’t advance?

MB: I competed it in every year since I started comedy (2000) and purposefully moved away in 2004 before that contest began so I didn’t have to participate.  It is really tortuous.  And I think now it is even worse because it is ten times as big.  It’s just this huge mountain of pressure that gets put on you every year FOR SOMETHING THAT REALLY DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS.  It’s best to not focus on winning but rather to just get into the finals because then you have the opportunity to showcase for industry.  Performing in the finals in 2003 in front of Comedy Central people was how I got my first TV spot on Premium Blend.  That really should be your endgame not putting on that disease-infested cape and crown.

KP: Do you think that all-lady comedy festivals are helpful, or a hindrance to women in the industry?

MB: Well, you have put me in a trap here.  I will be honest.  I think mostly, as they exist now, they are a hindrance to women.  I would like to set apart this festival because I feel care has been put into it and the heart of it is in the right place.  I do not want to name names but other festivals are not so wonderful and really are set up not to promote truly talented comedic voices who happen to be female but rather invite every Jane, Susan and Helen just to make a buck off them.  I think that happens with a lot of theme type festivals or shows whether it be women, black, gay, etc.  The promoters look to just booking the show with comics that fit whatever demo and don’t give a shit if they are actually funny.  That is a hindrance and it makes me angry.  Moreover, when it all comes down to it, I don’t like to think of myself as a female comic in the industry but rather a comic in the industry.  Oh, and the term comedienne drives me bat-shit insane.

KP: Well said. Now, let’s all get in a fist fight!

Ashlee Medlin Says…

We’ve been asking local ladies to blog for us! Here’s one right now!

“Opening night’s line-up of Roxy Castillo, Maggie Maye and Sue Galloway exceeded all my expectations.  As an aspiring Funny Lady, these women not only made me laugh so hard that I peed my pants (just a drop or two) but they set the bar for the rest of week as these ladies are now some of my favorite women in comedy. Sue Galloway was such a treat! Her commitment to her characters was insane–I think the Librarian that wears shorts may be my new best friend! Loving LAFF! Can’t wait for more!”


Steve Rogers Photography

Sue Galloway, Roxy Castillo and Maggie Maye rocked the house at 29th Street Ballroom last night.

Steve Rogers Photography

The room was dark and sultry, the drinks were strong and the crowd loved every minute of the show.

Steve Rogers Photography

Sue’s one woman show was amazing and included a series of kick ass characters both onstage and in video.  I was a fan of the Librarian…..IN SHORTS! and also the video “Let’s Get Crackin” a two minute and 21 second video that…well…I’ll just let you listen and look for yourself.

The evening was warm and folks hung around talking and laughing, and all was right in the world of funny ladies! There’s more to come! Get your tickets  here!

Kerri Lendo: The LAFF Interview

Hey look! It’s Kerri Lendo, being all smiley and approachable! She’s wearing a Ramones t-shirt, which means she’s cool.



Hey, LAFF Associate Producer and Stand-Up Comedian of National Renown Kerri Lendo! Is it cool if I ask you three questions? I mean, I know you’re busy being a comedian and making this festival happen, but, I mean, if you have time, I’d really appreciate it…Oh, okay. Thanks, Kerri!


You’ve really been taking your act on the road lately, hitting up four festivals in five weeks and other supercomedian feats of strength and endurance. Tell me about your recent adventures.

First I went to Portland for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival.  Everyone describes it as summer camp for comedians and that’s kind of true.  I never went to summer camp but I am sure I would have had a similar
amount of social anxiety I just wouldn’t have known it was called that. Next was Moontower Comedy Festival. That was interesting because I wasn’t just performing I was working making videos (plug – I got to interview JB Smoove, which I think
really impressed my parents.  He was awesome and took my glasses and did an impression of me.
After that it was off to Baltimore for the Maryland Film Festival. That festival is amazing.  They figured out how to make it the right size so you can make friends and network without even trying.  Plus,
the hotel had a ten dollar mini bar credit. Eating out of a mini bar really makes you feel like you’ve made it.
Now it’s time for LAFF.  It seems like we’ve been working on LAFF forever.  It will be nice when it finally gets here and I get to see all the acts and meet a bunch of new funny friends.


Sue Galloway has some wise things to say about silos. Is there any farm equipment that you feel can teach us about comedy?

I think the animals on a farm are probably where the real comedy gold is.  Goats have a lot of underutilized comedy potential.

What is next for you after LAFF?

The day after LAFF I’ll be selling vintage clothes at Spiderhouse. Then I’ll probably sleep and catch up with The Voice Australia (just kidding, I’m already caught up).